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  1. I may sound offensive, but to be honest, to consider evernote can take on microsoft in business integration by current offering of software solution is just daydreaming. (I read a thread about evernote's ambition) Office suite is far far more capable in business area for almost every aspect you can think of. Evernote is just like a toy in comparison. The prices of office 365 personal and business plans are quite competitive as well. I feel pessimistic for evernote if they really decide to go down the business path. I have quite a few friends who are old users of Evernote (back since the founding). Almost all of them now only use web clipper and do all the rest elsewhere like Onenote because of the limitation of evernote as a piece of software. Now that evernote has a separated class of premium level, i don't mind they introduce features discrepancy if they will still invest in the personal note-taking area.
  2. "Note" should not be narrowly defined as plain-text typing note, but an extended concept of various sorts of information that can be input, collected, stored and researched. I believe the most glaring slogan from Evernote is "to become one's second brain", which emphases EN's role as a reliable information manager. The "note-taking experience" could refer to any experience associating with information processing. For example, EN's web clipper is the best in the market, bar none. It's a part of EN's note-taking experience. EN make PDF annotation as one of the premium features. Annotation helps information research, which is also in the category of note-taking. But the new work-chat is quite off the target. It is certainly a sharing option but more like a pure collaboration tool. Context is information relevant, but according to my experience in research, people tend to research information more from the source based on their preference, not general recommendation. To make an example of comparison with "basic" feature, auto-generating TOC of a note is far more helpful for me. i am sure many EN users have wish list of such "basic" note-taking features. It is evident that there are still a wide range of details out there in normal note-taking workflow worth refining. The improvement on basic aspect of note-taking may not serve as a premium selling point directly (it is impossible that EN make a better editor exclusively for premium members), but the enhancement would probably encourage people to use EN more in daily life, which in turn leads to more frequent monthly quota hitting. The attraction of premium membership is still there.
  3. That line by PL is a heavy blow for people like me who hopes EN will improve its note-taking experience further. They still have a lot of things to do in this area, but it sounds like they think personal note-taking has been perfected. At this time, I believe most people use EN largely because the competitors in the note-taking area are inferior to EN. But the situation could change. I would rather pay for a product that is the top of an area than one having a bunch of mediocre features across many areas.
  4. The new 4GB limit has been written into the knowledge base. So it is already official not speculative. Users who haven't received the bump have every reason to contact the support.
  5. oh, what a nice surprise. Just found that upload limit is 4G. I first thought it was some kind of system error. But how about the maximum size of single note? Is it still 100M? Now that upload quota has a three-time bump, I really hope the single note size limit will see an increase as well.
  6. I am not sure whether Chrome actually uses system native scrollbar. The scrollbars (of Chrome and Evernote) do not look vastly different. But I agree this is not like an easy implementation. Just have a proposal since this feature in Chrome brings much convenience.
  7. Just like what Chrome does, putting highlight on the scrollbar to indicate positions of word finds. I think it could be very useful when one wants to search inside a long note.
  8. I will add some points: PRO: Offline notebook on mobile for free users. CONS It is not possible to insert attachment like PDF file into note. A big let-down.Audio note is for premium subscriber only.iOS app is simply awkwardThe editing of ON is certainly stronger. Many people prefer ON just for this reason. Let's hope EN will respond to the competition and improve editing. They can be complementary as well. Evernote is like a library while ON serves as a quick note taking tool on the go.
  9. I am not sure whether it has been posted before. I did some searches and found a tool which enables direct editing of XML tags of note body. Now I can adjust the line height by modifying tags. This should be handy for (truly) advanced users. http://enml-editor.ping13.net/
  10. the issue is that the height of first line in note body is fixed if article title is clipped into note body by clearly or web clipper. Pasting doesn't solve that. There is no way to change it unless the formatting of a whole note is removed or simplified. As Michael has pointed out, the intuitive behavior is that when font size is manually set, line height should match automatically. We need line height adjustment, or more simply, can remove or simplify formatting of selection rather than a whole note.
  11. Robbie, I guess we each have our own preferences, and I'm certainly good with Evernote (all apps) providing us with more preferences/options. For me, I'd guess that 90%+ of web pages that I capture I want Article Title, Author (Byline), and Publication date. If you don't want title, for now you can just select the portion of the page you want to capture before clicking either the EN Clipper or Clearly. Since every note has its title, I don't see the necessity of always including title again in article. For example, clipping the article view in Clearly: The note will be that bold title in article leads to the issue I have in the first place, and actually I don't want another title here. But you are right, this fully depends on user preference.
  12. Thank everyone for contributing to this thread. I am also glad that EN will look into the issue. Personally I don't like the idea of always including title in article, which the web clipper and clearly does currently. It will be better that we can control this behavior by some sort of setting.
  13. This is a demonstration of frustration attempting to delete a bold title. As you can see, I would like to delete the bold title in article whilst keeping the rest part's formatting, but I just can't. The height of first line won't change to fit font size I set. I guess Evernote should consider adding line spacing adjustment.
  14. I think Evernote does quite well in keeping the promotion of premium service in an non-intrusive way. There is no "UPGRADE NOW" or premium tier introduction all over places to persuade free members to pay. I guess most people turn to premium after they actually see the limitation like offline notebook or uploading quota so the assumption is that by the time of upgrading, they should have well acknowledged what the premium package could offer.
  15. hello scotty thank you for your informative reply. Actually I contacted the support but didn't get any kind of clarification. Normal, because this could involve future plans. I agree with you on the scenario which could lead to the value change of points. They have kept the premium membership price and the policy regarding points earning relatively stable so it is unnecessary to worry about inflation in the short term.
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