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(Archived) Contents of notes don't show on Iphone

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Today ( 06/28/2009) I am not able to view the contents of one single note in my Evernote Notebooks. All I can see is the title. At first I thought it would just take a longer time than usual for the contents to load but after trying several times for a few minutes at a time I gave up and concluded that there might be a problem. Is there some setting I am not aware of? Are there certain days on which notes take longer to load? Any idea?

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There's a bug in the 3.0 iPhone client that may display empty contents if the client can't access the server when you first try to view the note. For now, the only fix is to uninstall Evernote and then reinstall it from the App Store while you're on a reliable network.

We're handing off a 3.0.1 fix release for this (and a few other networking problems) to Apple, and this should go up on the Store soon.


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