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  1. It is probably best to write a note in a different notes app (like Drafts) and send it to Evernote. Drafts offers a lot of ways to send notes to other apps. It doesn't seem to be too much trouble to use this as a workaround.
  2. Recently I experienced a pretty significant loss of notes on two occasions. Fortunately I was able to recover all of them because one of my devices was offline and I was able to export those notes before the sync would obliterate all of them. What I did before the notes got lost was this. I decided to merge the notes of two notebooks. So I selected all the notes of notebook A and moved them to notebook B. When I saw that the copy process was finished I then went ahead and deleted the now empty notebook A. And after that I was able to see how the newly moved notes in notebook B simply disappeared one by one. I have a theory why this could have happened. When the sync started the web server first noticed the deleted notebook. Because it didn't have a chance to sync the individual notes yet it just deleted all those notes along with the notebook. Does that make sense? If this is the case I definitely don't think this is an ideal situation. At least the user should be warned.
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