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  1. It is probably best to write a note in a different notes app (like Drafts) and send it to Evernote. Drafts offers a lot of ways to send notes to other apps. It doesn't seem to be too much trouble to use this as a workaround.
  2. I am unable to keep changes made to Settings for Scannable on my iPhone 6 (iOS 9) in order to use the app with Mobile Data. When I go to Settings/Mobile Data I can change the switch as desired but as soon as I leave the Settings app in order to work normally with the phone the position I chose is lost and using Scannable with Mobile Data is not possible (by the way, I noticed the same thing with other scanning apps). Has anybody an explanation?
  3. Recently I experienced a pretty significant loss of notes on two occasions. Fortunately I was able to recover all of them because one of my devices was offline and I was able to export those notes before the sync would obliterate all of them. What I did before the notes got lost was this. I decided to merge the notes of two notebooks. So I selected all the notes of notebook A and moved them to notebook B. When I saw that the copy process was finished I then went ahead and deleted the now empty notebook A. And after that I was able to see how the newly moved notes in notebook B simply disappeared one by one. I have a theory why this could have happened. When the sync started the web server first noticed the deleted notebook. Because it didn't have a chance to sync the individual notes yet it just deleted all those notes along with the notebook. Does that make sense? If this is the case I definitely don't think this is an ideal situation. At least the user should be warned.
  4. Things seem to get better on its own :-) At the moment, after adding and deleting a few notes as usual, the discrepancy is down to one note: the web is showing consistently one note less than the clients on my devices. At one point, in order to get everything in line again, I copied the largest notebook into a newly created notebook (I didn't want to simply move my notes because I had experienced significant data loss on some previous occasions doing that). The proved to be unsatisfactory because all the notes now had a creation date of today. So I deleted that notebook again. But that arose the suspicion of the Evernote company. They sent me a mail about detecting unusual large activity on my account and warned me not to use Evernote as a backup medium for my hard disk. I didn't find that considerate or helpful. On top of that they didn't reply to my bug report. But thanks to gazumped and csihilling for being concerned.
  5. What is this? On my iPad my main notebook has 2980 notes. On the iMac there are only 2977, and on the MacBook there are 2982. The iPhone matches the iPad with 2980 notes. And the web matches my iMac with 2977 notes. What am I supposed to make out of that? How do I know which notes haven't been synchronized and apparently never will be because I tried synchronizing manually a few times. The numbers just won't match.
  6. I just found out, if you grab the title of the attachment with your mouse and drag a it bit the cursor will change to a green plus sign and after that you will be able to rename the attachment ... but you have to that every time. That can't be the intended behaviour, is it?
  7. On my Evernote version 6.0.2 I am unable to rename pdf attachments. What could be the reason? Rainer
  8. I would like to be able to open PDF's in Evernote iOS in other apps with the "open in" command. Is that possible? I couldn't find a way to do that. In case it is not possible (bummer) what would be a convenient workaround?
  9. I am unable to drag a pdf-file from Evernote to the Finder on my iMac. On my MacBook Pro this works alright as it always has. Is there a reason for that? And what can I do about that?
  10. Ok, I understand. That's exactly what is still showing when I do a search
  11. I am using the German version. In the view menu there is no Show/Hide Favourites Bar (also not a german equivalent) And what is (was) a search explanation bar?
  12. Where is the new Favourites Bar? I just installed the new version 3.0.0 and I cannot see the new bar
  13. I would find it really useful, if you could navigate through your notes backwards and forwards in the order you were looking at them, in the same way you can do it in any browser, by just clicking the appropriate button or using a keyboard shortcut.
  14. I found out that once you click on the area just left of the intended tag (and not on the tag) you get what you would expect with this new feature. This doesn't feel very intuitive but it works for me.
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