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(Archived) QUESTION: Importing .txt files not allowed w/o premium?



Ok, I was all set to get back into Evernote while I was looking for a solution to get my Notes sync'd with my desktop and iPhone. I previously used Mark/Space and was able to export out of that all my notes into .txt files. But when I try to import any of the .txt files, Evernote tells me I need to pay $45/yr to do it? Huh? It's just text! Seriously? Am I missing something? Thx for your help!

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I think that the only file type we actually use for the internal contents of the note is HTML. For any other file, we'd make a note and stick your file into that note as an "attachment". A few of these attachments are rendered inline (images, PDF, audio), others just get the little file attachment icon.

Even if you were premium, I don't think this would do quite what you want ... instead of creating a note with the content of the text file (converted to our HTML representation), you'd get a blank note with a .txt file sitting in it.

For now, I think you'd need to copy and paste from the text file into Evernote to get the result you want (or, if you're a programmer, maybe something with Applescript). We're working on improving our text handling in the next version of the Mac client, however.

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Thx so much. So, there really isn't a good way to go from my Mark/Space Notebook memo files (which is exported as .txt files) into Evernote easily (w/o opening, copying and pasting from each Mark/Space memo into Evernote)?

If I can get it back into Palm Desktop for Mac, would that make it easier?



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I've written an AppleScript that does what you are trying to do, using BBEdit to open each .txt file and grab the contents. If you don't have BBEdit, it would almost certainly work with the free TextWrangler with minimal changes.

Contact me off-list if interested.

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I'm a mac user, and not a programmer, but I have the same problem - want to get the content of over 200 notes from Mark/Space Notebook into Evernote. I see this forum is 3 years old so surely by now Evernote can import text!

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I went to the link above, and got it to work but with a problem, which I posted to that forum as well:

I got this to work with my text files (notes exported by Mark/Space Notebook BUT they all have identical subject lines:

"Auto Import Macintosh HD:Users:rnwarbur:Desktop:Evernote Auto-Import:.DS_Store" - which makes them pretty useless

What they SHOULD have as the note title is just the first line of text in the text file.

I see this line in your script that causes the title creation:

create note from file this_item title "Auto Import " & this_item

Can't you change that line so that instead it picks up the first line of text?

Any help appreciated, seems like this should be simple for a programmer.

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