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Single Note Whole Page Widget

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Hello all,

I've just gone back to Evernote after a while away. the main reason is the prospect of the 'handwriting' beta version for android. I llok forward to trying this. Has anyone used it yet?

I like all the facilities that Evernote offers but would really like a widget that allows one note to be displayed on a whole page (say 4x4). Has anyone got ideas on this?

This may be very useful with the handwriting beta.





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There's a large widget that will display variations on a list of notes, but you're implying that you want to gave handwriting access directly on the phone's home screen.  You'd have to carry out some operations to get around the phone's security anyway,  so why not just use the standard widget and open the app and a new note if/ when you want to take notes?

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I use the list widget at the moment and it partially satisfies my need. However, it odes not allow you to see all the note text.

What I would like is to be able to see a note (typed or handwritten) directly on the screen without having to open it. This is useful when following instructions or following a list.

Ideally this widget would enable a scroll function live on the screen so that longer notes can be seen.

Some of the android task / calender apps have such widgets, e.g. GTO and pure widgets. 

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Sorry for necrobumping, but this is exactly what I'd want, too. I'm currently having this set up in ColorNote, but its features are only a fraction of that of Evernote otherwise, unfortunately. Just a widget that shows the text from one note, that can be resized to fit one whole screen. Doesn't need an edit function, would be enough if Evernote opens with the note open when you click on the widget.


I use that as a general todo list and for small tidbits I want to remember, but that don't merrit opeing a whole new file for. That screen is between my home screen and my calendar widget, so I scroll past it pretty often and can keep that stuff in mind. Just a shortcut doesn't cut it for me because I don't see the whole list when I scroll past it and and the tag article solution does provide too little space.


I attached a Screenshot to show you what I mean.


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Thanks a lot for the suggestion, but that 1 click still requires a conscious user interaction. I'd really love to have it just sitting on a screen to have it open permanently. This would be like the widget that can display content from three different notes that's already available, just *much* less involved and should be really easy to implement with the code you already have. Is there some kind of feature suggestion tracker where this could be added?

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