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Fill out paperwork saved in Evernote

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I receive forms from students that I need to fill out and then return to someone via email.  They are typically sent as a pdf (without form options to fill in).  I add them to EN so I remember to do it but I want to be able to open it, fill it out (actually annotating since there are no form options), save it back to evernote for my records and email it to the person who needs it. 


I use PDF Expert for other annotations but it doesn't link to EN so it requires additional steps to open a document that is in EN and then more steps to save it back to EN.  Any suggestions?  I'm open to using a different app for annotation, just not sure what will sync to EN.

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This is just a suggestion, but if you're using the Mac client (not sure about the windows client) you can simply click the "mark-up" icon which will open the pdf in a markup window (the integrated skitch app I believe). It's not really fully featured as far as any formatting options. For each text box you create you will need to turn off the shadowing and bubbling effects. What I do is format the first box the way I want then copy and past it back in where ever i need it and then just change the content. This method has the added benefit of getting all the markup tools, if you need them. I tried it on a pdf I had in evernote and it seemed to work just fine. I opened up the edited one with both preview and acrobat and my annotations showed up just fine.


One quick suggestion, you will want to uncheck "Include Annotation Summary" at the bottom of the window, or it will add a page at the front of the pdf listing all the annotations you've made.


Hope this helps.

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