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  1. This is just a suggestion, but if you're using the Mac client (not sure about the windows client) you can simply click the "mark-up" icon which will open the pdf in a markup window (the integrated skitch app I believe). It's not really fully featured as far as any formatting options. For each text box you create you will need to turn off the shadowing and bubbling effects. What I do is format the first box the way I want then copy and past it back in where ever i need it and then just change the content. This method has the added benefit of getting all the markup tools, if you need them. I tried it on a pdf I had in evernote and it seemed to work just fine. I opened up the edited one with both preview and acrobat and my annotations showed up just fine. One quick suggestion, you will want to uncheck "Include Annotation Summary" at the bottom of the window, or it will add a page at the front of the pdf listing all the annotations you've made. Hope this helps.
  2. jbignert already commented, which I'm thankful for - I've been an Evernote user for years and have enjoyed watching the growth of the platform - but this has been one area that has really bugged me. I understand not allowing you to "automatically download and store the video file," the copyright issues along would be monumental and would open them up to a whole host of idiotic law suits. However, web clipping has for a long time been a big part of the Evernote experience and to not support "multimedia" be it video or audio on the websites seems to be shortsighted. I think for me (and probably many others) just retaining the thumbnail and a link back to the original would be enough. If the link goes down it goes down, happens all the time. And though I will occasionally rip something from youtube and the like, I'm pretty sure they don't appreciate it and there is still such a thing as intellectual property. Thanks jbignert for the comment and the work you guys do. like most of your gracious customers I will wait patiently till the feature arrives. How about providing it by yesterday
  3. Don't know if this is the right method for reporting bugs, but after a quick glance through the forums I haven't seen any where else obvious. In 3.1.0 beta 1, opening an attachment to edit breaks the link with Evernote. I've verified this with pages09 as well as Adobe CS5 programs. once you open up and edit the attachment in it's original program and hit save (or in Pages09, every time the program autosaves), you receive an error saying the attachment has been moved and asks you if you want to save it into a new note. Even if you save it into a new note the process just repeats itself. This is a reproducable bug. I've downgraded to the latest full release of Evernote and the bug goes away, re-upgrade to the beta version and the problem returns. here's what I'm running: MacBook Pro 2.66 Intel Core i7 4 GB 1067 DDR3 Nvidia GeForce GT 330M, 512 MB OSX Lion 10.7.3 Pages, latest release. Adobe CS5 (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc) Even with the bug, thanks for all the good work. I love the multi note selection features and the word count in the info is a Godsend! Keep up the good work.
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