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100 year company philosophy

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Evernote will become a 100 year company. This is what Phil Libin said multiple times. EN didn't accept various offers from big software companies. This is a very important philosophy for a company that relies on user trust. If EN really wants to become an external brain it must:

1. build the trust that the data belongs to the customer.

2. make sure that the data remains private. So it should be a business modell that doesn't make its money with user data and ads.

3. exist for a very long time so that the user can always access his information.

This is what EN is and plans.

The acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook shows once more how important this philosophy is. WhatsApp always said and confirmed that they don't want to earn its money with user data. That's why they didn't sell the company. Until now. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, a company that earns its money with ads and user data.

Please EN: Keep your 100 year philosophy forever! Never get acquired!!!

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Libin has talked very openly about taking Evernote to IPO in the next couple of years.


If you choose to buy in to the 100 year stuff, well that's at your own risk. All companies change and this company is no different. I'm assuming Libin holds a substantial ownership and as soon as they go public he will become a very very wealthy man. What are the chances of him or any of the other founders still being in place 24 months after the exchange bell rings? Not high I don't think. 

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