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Feature wish.

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I'm happily using Evernote for business and personal projects of all kind, keeping them synced between the computer and a tablet.

Now, I know that Evernote wasn't developed to be a word processor and it's not going to become one. I'm fine with that, since I can always use an actual word processor to do final editing, word count check, styling and whatever. But while I'm still working on the actual content itself, because of syncing and easy archiving, I really like to keep the unfinished documents in Evernote. A lot of my notes are quite long, proper written text. The longer they get, the harder they are to read, understand and work with. A crucial feature that I really miss on Evernote is spacing. We can only choose of a few fonts in the program which is fine, but the chance to at least choose the spacing between the letters/words/rows would help a lot by making long texts easier to read and work with. Aye or nay to take it in consideration? 

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Evernote do read these posts,  but don't normally give any feedback;  but it's generally agreed that the editor needs some TLC and we were told at one stage that improvements are in the pipeline..  maybe we'll see some movement down the line.  



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