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Evernote paste and cursor position



Hi there,


I've noticed that pasting some text into an Evernote Note window now leaves the cursor at the start of the text, rather than after the end of the text.

I'm pretty sure the default behaviour used to be relocating the cursor to the end of the text and that this has just started happening.


The version of Evernote is 5.5.0 on a Mac (10.8.5).


Has anyone else seen this problem?

Many thanks,




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I just posted about this same issue with the Android app. I thought it might be just links it was messing with, but I just tested and it's the Paste feature itself. Doesn't matter if I'm try to paste text or a link. Pasting in other apps is working fine, just not in Evernote.

I don't know if my Windows version is having the same issue or not as I can't get to my pc at the moment.


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