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  1. Any idea when the carriage return issue might be fixed? Surely it's not a difficult issue to track down in the code and you could issue a dot release to address this quite quickly.
  2. It's funny, support were able to reproduce that problem quite easily back in March when I also reported the space formatting issue I seem to recall this particular bug was going to be addressed sooner than later. Oh well, I was hoping to upgrade from 6.0.5 but the formatting issue is still a deal breaker for me. Maybe 6.0.13 or 6.0.14 or ...
  3. I raised a ticket on the loss of spaces/indents/formatting issue that arrived in 6.0.6 and was told that it would be addressed in a "(cross platform) rendering engine" to be released sometime later this year. Given the highly publicised critique of Evernote by a long time supporter here: http://jasonkincaid.net/2014/01/evernote-the-bug-ridden-elephant/ I find the response from Evernote somewhat disappointing - a new version introduces a bug but rather than fix the bug we get "oooh look, shiny shiny new version as some point" Based on this I'm stuck/sticking to 6.0.5 until that bug is fixed.
  4. Just upgraded last week and ran into this. Some bugs are annoying, some can be worked around - this for me is making Evernote unusable as I work a lot with fixed width fonts and terminal output, requiring that the formatting is retained to make the data readable. I've logged a support ticket for this and hope they fix it real soon.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I've just upgraded to 6.0.3 and the problem is still there for me also. I had an update on my ticket saying that they've recreated the problem and the issue has now been fed back to the product team. As a workaround, I've discovered that if you press the CTRL key and Home or End, this achieves the same thing.
  6. Just upgraded to 6.0.1 and the problem is still there.
  7. Hi there, I'm using Evernote 5.7.2 on a Mac Pro on 10.8.5 with a full sized keyboard and since upgrading I can no longer use the Home/End keys in the main note window (they just get ignored). These keys work fine in other apps. I logged a support ticket (816513) for this but was just curious if anyone else is seeing the save issue? Thanks, Jason
  8. Hi there, I've noticed that pasting some text into an Evernote Note window now leaves the cursor at the start of the text, rather than after the end of the text. I'm pretty sure the default behaviour used to be relocating the cursor to the end of the text and that this has just started happening. The version of Evernote is 5.5.0 on a Mac (10.8.5). Has anyone else seen this problem? Many thanks, Jason
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