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Empty a note?

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Is there a way to empty a note without deleting it, other than deleting the content character by character? (if there's an Android equivalent of "swipe through text", I've yet to find it!)


I keep my shopping list in Evernote (as checkbox items). It would be nice to have a simple way to empty the list after I've done the shopping.


Having an action to "Delete checked items" would be the icing on the cake (when I failed to find some of my shopping items)

I can see the difficulty of knowing the extent of what to delete following the checkbox itself. In my case, this would be "up to, and including the following new-line/".

But I realise that this might not work for people who haven't found the new-line key/character.

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What client (Windows Desktop, Mac desktop, Android, iOS) are you using?


Windows: ctrl-a (select all) then delete

Mac: cmd-a (Select all) then delete

iOS: Tap and hold anywhere in the note text, choose "select all", then hit the backspace key on the keyboard.

Android: Not sure, but probably similar to iOS. 

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