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Is there a shared presentation on using evernote?

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Is there a shared presentation that I could use to help me do a presentation on the usefulness of EN? In other words, I'm going to share how I use evernote with a group of fellow colleagues, and I would like to know if there is a shared database where I could find any presentations that have already been built, that I can build upon.

Sorry for the confusion if I caused any with my wording.


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The "getting started" videos or any of the other videos that are posted on the Evernote site might be somewhat helpful. One of the main reasons is that there are so many ways that evernote can be used, and so many ways that evernote is used, that no video could necessarily do it justice. 


You might want to check out


and find ambassadors that have similar needs or interests. You'd have to build your own presentation, but they'd give you some great content to do so. You could even use Evernote to collect the information, and then compile it into a note, then use Evernote's "Present" feature to present the information to your colleagues. This in itself would be a great demonstration of some of evernote's capacities. 

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