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Share Notes On Social Media

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I want to share notes to my social media but im not sure what and how they are going to access/view my shared notes. I have a free account at this moment, and i can see the option for sharing/copying/exporting a note.

Here are my concerns;

a) if a share a note, on social media directly or sending the note's link via msg email etc. Do the receiver/audience will need to make an account with evernote in order to view the shared note ??

B) Will it be my audience able to open/view my note on mobile devices (since most of people use a mobile device to browse social media this days) without the need to download evernote app ?

c) export a note uses a ".enex" format. What kind of a format is that? or the true question is, is that format compatible with ios only ? android ? web ?

d) is there a way to convert a note into pdf document? i did not see this option but i was just wondering might be possible.

Thank you.

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Hi - welcome to the forums.  The best way to find out about Evernote's social media sharing is to go ahead and share something.  It'll appear on your timeline and you know when you shared it,  so you can check it out before any of your friends/ followers see it,  and delete it if you decide it's not a good idea.  Sharing a "I'm just testing out Evernote's Social Media skills" note won't cause any ripples.  The note will be visible as a post,  and viewers won't need to join Evernote - although the marketing department has been getting a little keen lately so there's no guarantee there won't be a big advert with your post.  Yes the post will be available to anyone who can see the social network on any device,  and No you don;t need to mess with 'export' or 'Enex' - use the Share function.


You can save a PDF as a note,  and if your system can print to PDF files you can print a note as PDF but there's no built-in function to do that.

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