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outlook plugin question

Gavin Daly

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Does anyone know if the is a way when using the outlook plugin to have the file transfer over directly to ever note without the note opening.


for example, if i am moving 20 emails across to evernote , using the plugin,

evernote will first group them together as a summary and then i choose "add notes"

but afterwards, all 20 evernote notes open up.

its both time consuming and frustrating..

i can right click at the bottom(windows 7) choose "close all windows" as a temporary workaround. 

but id love to see a more permanent fix



the solution needs to be that either we can configure this to happen (or are prompted for an option to either acknowledge all or just simply move them in one swoop)


in the secret weapon


you see this in action but without the notes all opening after the move from outlook. perhaps this did not appen on earlier evernote versions?

or perhaps they simply edited this annoyance in the video?


any input would be appreciated








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Hi, I'm not a super user but I do use the Outlook clipper. I think you can control this behavior in the desktop client. 


Go under Tools and select Options. There is a "clipping" tab on the pop up and one of the check boxes says "Open clipped note in new window." You'd want to uncheck that box. 

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