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(Archived) passwords with symbols don't work

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FIrst off, thanks for making this app available so quickly for the Pre.

I was excited to find it in the App Catalog; downloaded it; installed it; ran it; then... logged in and saw an endless progress spinner.

I'd noticed a few of the reviews in the App Catalog said it does that if you enter your password incorrectly. I quit the app and retried, 5 times. I'm sure I'm entering my password and username correctly. What gives?

Well, it works for my wife, so it must be something weird about my account. My password has letters, numerals, and symbols. I change my password to something without symbols. Now I can log in from the Pre. Conclusion: yup, the Pre version can't currently handle symbols in passwords.

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I just got a pre (longtime wm user, and reliant on evernote, so glad you guys came with me!)

Just wanted to say that my password does work, and it has a symbol in it, so I'm not sure if it's only particular symbols?

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