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(Archived) why is the table is weird?


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Evernote isn't Excel - and its general table handling has been the cause of a few comments here...  (!!)


Workaround - keep an Excel file attached to the same note and change the Excel sheet,  then copy/ paste the content into the body of the note and re-save the file.

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The table function, every time I type something, it pushed the column back into the next column. Why is that?


Coming from Excel using, this is so weird.


Yep, Evernote tables are very limiting, and they are HTML tables, so you really can't expect them to work like Excel.  :-)


I have found the best table work-around is to create a table in Word (NOT Excel), format it and set it up to work as you like.

This can include fixed-size columns and row and/or fit-to-content col/row.

Then copy only the Word Table (NOT the file) into an EN Note.


I use this technique often for creating EN "templates".

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