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On this page


it says...



Search inside PDFs and attached documents, find text in images faster and rediscover your content with the powerful Related Notes feature.

But when you click the watch video link the end of the video title says (free and premium).

I'm a premium member myself, but was wondering if I share a notebook with PDFs in it will the people I share it with have to have premium membership also in order to search inside the PDFs that are in my shared notebook?

I just love how the EN searches inside the PDFs on my Macbook. When I search my notebook using EN on my iPhone does it also search inside the PDFs even though it only shows me the .pdf file on my phone and not what's in it at that moment?

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I'd suggest testing this out yourself - I'm not sure of the answer,  and wouldn't rely on someone telling it to me anyway;  even if the answer was 'yes it will work' I'd want my own confirmation,  so I suggest you use a new free account to test whether a search inside PDFs still works (you only need one PDF with one unusual word in to as one note's content...).


As to the second part of your question,  again a one-(unusual)-word PDF saved in your normal notes will again give you the answer.

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