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(Archived) IMAP not working on Android

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This is bizzare, there is obviously some communication, because I set up the IMAP incomming with gmail outgoing (SMTP) and when I check the email, my various notebooks are the folders in the IMAP account, but there are no actual messages in those folders, and refreshing throws a "connection error" for each folder.

Why do you hate Android users so much?

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We haven't changed the IMAP service in over 7 months, so there shouldn't be anything new broken, but we don't plan to maintain it going forward. I restarted the service just now, which may help make it work for you again.

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*sigh* so no android app, and you're abandoning the only interface that Android users get to use, meanwhile going full speed ahead in an entirely unproven and probably doomed OS in Palm..... Is there any way to get a refund?

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We've never refused to give a refund to any paying customer who contacts us via support:


We built the IMAP interface with the hopes that this would be a good solution for mobile users to access their notes offline. Unfortunately, we've found that the IMAP implementations on mobile phones are frequently far too poor to be usable. E.g. on my BB Bold, IMAP is handled from my mobile carrier, and they make a new copy of each "note" in my inbox every time the note is updated on the service.

This means that we really can't even suggest that people try it, since the result is bad in most cases. We're keeping the IMAP service up for people who are already using it, but we've effectively hidden it away with warnings on our web site to keep people from getting confused. I can guarantee you that I'm more disappointed than this outcome than you are.

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the IMAP service seems very sluggish lately, where it used to work quite well for me. Is there anything changed on the server side of things, or is there some culprit on my end? For example, it seems to take many, many minutes to sync about 20 notes, where it used to be able to check and update them in 2 minutes or less. I have found this in different wifi locations, so I know it is not related to the specific connection point I am using.

Just wondering...

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