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Notebooks missing from Client (Windows)

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I recently noticed I was missing a couple notebooks from the evernote client on Windows 7. I did not delete the notebooks or anything. Some info:

 - The are shared notebooks created by another user.

 - The notebooks still show up in both the web browser, and my android client.


The only thing I can think of that changed:

 - downgraded from a premium to regular account,

 - rearranged notebooks to a stack in the windows client for better organization

But this didn't affect all notebooks; just 3 (out of 22 shared) that I've noticed, so I can't see how either of these would be the source.

So my browser shows 22 shared notebooks, my client shows 19. All my non-shared notebooks are there.

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Hi - welcome to the forums.  First suggestion would be to uninstall / reinstall Evernote (check the forums for detailed instructions for your specific OS there are some important steps to take) and if that doesn't work backup the database currently installed on the W7 machine and then rename it so the web server will rebuild the database on that machine from scratch.  If you have any local only or unsynced notes on the W7 machine check back here for more information on how to export them first,  because the web copy of your database obviously won't include them.

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Thanks. Your suggestions helped me fix it. Uninstalling/Reinstalling didn't work on its own. I had to go and find the stuff that doesn't get removed when you uninstall (Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Evernote) and blow it away (I just renamed it). Then it started syncing and -- voila --missing notebooks found.


Note that I actually uninstalled, renamed the database folder, then reinstalled but I imagine I could have just closed Evernote, renamed it, then opened it again. Oh well.


... I still wonder what the issue was that caused this...

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Correct. You note database isn't deleted with you uninstall -- this is normally a Good Thing, since it can save you from a potentially lengthy and redundant sync session (if you have a lot of notes, it can take some time), and if you have local notebooks (unsynced, by definition), you'd lose them unless you took special precautions to save them first, and restore them afterwards. The problem may have been a corrupted notes database on your machine, a pretty rare occurrence, normally. Good advice from gazumped!

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