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Using @ for Evernote mail

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I am relatively new to Evernote. I thought the @ function had been working. But I just found an interesting issue. If I send a email with @ at the end of the subject line to most Notebooks, it works fine. But it will not go to my Notebook titled "Pending".  Is there something unique about that name, Pending?  It then goes to default. 




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Hi, not sure what you mean about checking mail to my mail client. I was using Microsoft Outlook Exchange for the email where Pending didn't work.  I suppose I could check and see if it does work from my Yahoo account.  


Ok, I did try....IT WORKS using Yahoo. So what does that mean in terms of my Outlook account....what needs to change there to get @ to work properly.  And it is just malfunctioning for the one Notebook names Pending. Maybe the simple solution is rename that notebook? Seems odd.

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I have explored this further. It seems every note I send to my Evernote Email from my Microsoft Outlook Exchange account goes to my default folder despite any @notebook I use at the end of the subject line.  Am I missing some setting somewhere? It's a frustrating problem.  

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