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Evernote app for Firefox OS?

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I remember Evernote was one of the first companies to support Firefox OS, but why they don't have an app for the Mozilla mobile OS yet?

I've seen some links on the web, but the link to the marketplace says the app isn't available... Was it ever available? Does anyone have the FFOS Evernote app running?


PS: First post here, could no find it anywhere else (Google and Forum search) sorry if this is not the correct place...

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I'm looking for a link but I can't find it... But my main source was a promotional video about FFOS months before it was officially released, it was made by Mozilla, and many companies were showing their support for FFOS, includding Telefónica, AirBnb, Evernote, and many others... I cannot find the video also, sorry.


I remember Evernote was on the video because they were inside Evernote offices, the elephant logo was on the back and everything else.


It seems they are not supporting FFOS now, I guess...

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I've asked to some firefox os users, it seems they (everything.me, or Evernote developers team, they told it's the same) developed a Note (without support to the evernote account - offline only) app and the native FFOS app search. I'm really confused now, but well, I'll wait for an official Evernote app...

Thank you jefito :)

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Found it! If anyone else if having the same issue as me, search the marketplace for everything.me and install thir Notes app. It looks just like the native "notes" app of the FFOS, but it has more features and it allows syncing with evernote.


Have a nice day :)

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Evernote Web has been optimized for Firefox browser for many years. The video that agacinco posted is talking about our support for the Mozilla Marketplace in the browser.


Evernote has not created a native app for FirefoxOS.


Mozilla has added some integration for Evernote into the FirefoxOS Notes+ app.

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