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Feature Request : Offline Notebooks Windows 8 (Modern UI)


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Can the Windows 8 app be re-categorized as a mobile app and get offline notebooks? 


It seems to me that this app is not that loved.  I suspect this is due to poor adoption. I use  the Windows desktop application because the Windows 8 app isn't that great, I would prefer the Windows 8 if it worked better. 



Corey Vantilborg

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As far as I'm aware the Windows 8 App (the "Touch" app) acts like any other desktop installation and saves notes locally if there's storage available to do so.  There was a comment a while ago that the database used by the Touch app is different from the one used by the desktop version,  but that might have been something to do with the more limited functionality available.  You're right the app is not that well loved  have a search around here for the rumblings of unhappiness about Evernote Touch!

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I downloaded the Evernote installation file but when I tried to install it, it said that it is not compatible for this version of Windows. If you Google "Evernote for Windows 8.1" you get consistently pointed towards the marketplace Touch app, which unfortunately does not work when the computer isn't connected to the internet. 

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