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  1. I am also interested in this. Managing share permissions is the reason I want to use notebooks and not use tags. The permission issue is also why I can't use links. Anyone have similar requirements?
  2. Consider me another paying customer who would very much like an Evernote Dark theme.
  3. I would like an option to automatically add link from Outlook > Evernote when Adding to Evernote via Outlook. I know this only works on some items, for me its use is especially relevant when adding Outlook tasks, as they are editable. Also if it could automatically set an outlook category to indicate it has been added to Evernote, that would be a bonus. Corey
  4. Count me as another who love this feature. Or is there a third party focus writer that can use the Evernote API? Corey
  5. Can the Windows 8 app be re-categorized as a mobile app and get offline notebooks? It seems to me that this app is not that loved. I suspect this is due to poor adoption. I use the Windows desktop application because the Windows 8 app isn't that great, I would prefer the Windows 8 if it worked better. Regards, Corey Vantilborg
  6. Does this apply for Windows as well? I would also like to be able to customize the colour screen for full screen writing. For example see WriteRoom.
  7. Is there planned for Outlook 2010/2013 x64?
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