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Suggestion for Evernote



Full integration of Penultimate's capabilities into Evernote

I LOVE Evernote.  I use it personally and professionally.  I use it often for note taking.  I type very fast, so I prefer to type my notes into Evernote.  The need often arises, however, to write a note (handwritten) or more often DRAW a chart, idea, etc.  Sure, I can draw it on a board and take a picture of it... but here's this companion app (Penultimate) that does an AMAZING job at supporting handwriting and drawing.  Yet it's fully separate.  


I have to open a new app to draw/write something.  

When I do, it saves it to a different notebook (a penultimate notebook in Evernote)... so the drawing/illustration I wanted to include with my type-written notes is now fully separated from them and is found elsewhere in Evernote.  


I hate that.  So much so, it's caused me to try out NoteSuite and other apps.  I get Penultimate is largely a drawing app... so what if you kept it separate AND included that feature inside Evernote... doesn't have to be the end of Penultimate... I'm simply saying that Evernote (within the Evernote app itself) NEEDS drawing/handwriting support.  Connecting another app is not good enough.  It also hurts Penultimate... because if it's not integrated and it's just connected then there are lots of great drawing apps out there (probably better ones) -- like Bamboo.  So I have zero incentive to use Penultimate if it's only linked... because I can link lots of other apps.  



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