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  1. I don't notice a heck of a lot of difference. I don't need better features. I need higher resolution screen and type that I can read on my Surface Pro 3
  2. I agree with everyone... please make this your top priority. It's enough to make half of your users leave and go to any other note taking app -- nearly every one of which, supports high resolution displays. What computer these days is NOT high resolution? I mean come on... Use evernote if you are running on technology that is over 5 years old.... Please hurry up. We're not asking for a big feature... just better resolution for crying out loud.
  3. Fair enough... I agree... boring is not very actionable. I was not around when they updated the Mac version, so perhaps that was a big leap as you suggest. My issue with the MAC version is that it feels visually inconsistent with the ipad and iphone versions... which feel fantastic. The interface is dull and gray... there are no options to do some of the very nice things like change the background to black, white, etc.... personalize it to you tastes like the mobile versions offer. So visually, "boring" is truly the best way i can describe the UI. It lacks any emotive response on any level. It, in my opinion, is purely functional. Function has it's place to be sure... but so does the experience. Nearly all of evernote's competitors have improved their UI... and most have also doubled down on their feature set... i have not seen the same investment by Evernote. I see a lot of investment in their "market" ... and was VERY pleased with the BIG enhancements they have made to the mobile platforms. i was hoping to see that same investment in UI made to the Mac version... even if it felt more visually contiguous with the mobile versions...and capabilities to personalize it would be good. A specific thing I hate about the mac version is how the very limited views one can select from for how notes are displayed... i would like to see a different view.... perhaps rethinking how cards are shown. I just find none of those views are really hitting the mark for me. card view is awful for me personally.. the list view is the best but still shows more than i want to see.... wish i could literally just see the name of the note. The mobile versions feel like they were designed by a designer who understands UI and the value of a well designed UX. The desktop version feels like it was designed by someone in the IT department. It lacks a richness and a connection to every other touchpoint of the evernote platform (visually)... web or mobile apps. Heck, even a hint of color on it's very gray, drab, interface would be a plus...
  4. Why is it that your phone and iPad apps can be so beautifully designed... while your Mac version is soooooooo boring and ugly? Make the visual approach of the MAC come closer to the apps. Heck, even the WEB version of Evernote is ten times better than the MAC app, visually. I would have EASILY traded the latest update of search (old search was just fine) for a total overhaul on the UI. Please consider.
  5. I love Evernote. I use it both professionally and personally - primarily typing in notes. Obviously, I often have times where I need to draw a chart, idea or illustration. Penultimate does that well (especially with the new Jot pen). But it's not integrated - it's only connected. I have to open another app. And my drawing is saved to a Penultimate folder in Evernote... separate from the typed notes and topics I want that drawing to live with. I am suggesting that Evernote leverage the Penultimate experience directly INSIDE Evernote. Integrate it fully. Other apps like notebook and notesuite do this. If Evernote doesn't then I have zero incentive to use Penultimate if it's simply "connected" - I could use Bamboo or other popular drawing apps which also connect to Evernote. I am simply asking that when we take notes we have the ability to both type AND draw/handwrite in the SAME NOTE. Evernote has great apps - Stitch, Evernote and Penultimate but your biggest mistake is they are all very separate. If you want to keep them separate for focused users with focused needs... that's great! Keep them separate... but integrate that into Evernote too. I would pay for it... not suggesting it has to be free. Thoughts?
  6. Full integration of Penultimate's capabilities into Evernote I LOVE Evernote. I use it personally and professionally. I use it often for note taking. I type very fast, so I prefer to type my notes into Evernote. The need often arises, however, to write a note (handwritten) or more often DRAW a chart, idea, etc. Sure, I can draw it on a board and take a picture of it... but here's this companion app (Penultimate) that does an AMAZING job at supporting handwriting and drawing. Yet it's fully separate. I have to open a new app to draw/write something. When I do, it saves it to a different notebook (a penultimate notebook in Evernote)... so the drawing/illustration I wanted to include with my type-written notes is now fully separated from them and is found elsewhere in Evernote. I hate that. So much so, it's caused me to try out NoteSuite and other apps. I get Penultimate is largely a drawing app... so what if you kept it separate AND included that feature inside Evernote... doesn't have to be the end of Penultimate... I'm simply saying that Evernote (within the Evernote app itself) NEEDS drawing/handwriting support. Connecting another app is not good enough. It also hurts Penultimate... because if it's not integrated and it's just connected then there are lots of great drawing apps out there (probably better ones) -- like Bamboo. So I have zero incentive to use Penultimate if it's only linked... because I can link lots of other apps. PLEASE SUPPORT DRAWING AND ILLUSTRATION WITHIN THE EVERNOTE APP! Thank you.
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