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switched to iPhone and frustrating with saving

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I'm sure a lot of this info is already in the forums but I am frustrated and I hope someone here can just answer these questions rather than spending more hours trying to figure this out on my own.


I just switched from Android to iPhone 5S. The first thing I noticed is the limited sharing capability in iPhone.


Q1: How do I save the full text of an article into Evernote from my phone without loosing formatting, etc? I need to be able to do it from the browser and from RSS. I already purchased a news reader app but I will buy a different one if needed. What about from Instapaper or Pocket? I was using Everclip before on Android but the app store on iPhone is so frustrating I can't find anything right now.


Q2: I purchased Pocket Informant and I used up half the battery running the first sync when I added the Evernote account. I'm at work and it's only 2pm so after an hour I had to cancel because I was down to 35% battery and didn't want to run out of battery the rest of my work day. Will it work if I just let it run? And why is it taking so long, is it trying to download my 3000 articles? .. or just the headers? How do you use Evernote with Pocket Informant? Any neat workflows you want to share?


Q3: I use an app called Write Note Pro on Android for sending quick notes to Evernote. It lets me have a few presets for where to send the note and how to tag it. It's a very fast procedure and each note of the same preset will be appended to the previous one if I write more than one in a day. Is there anything like this on iPhone?


Q4: What kinds of things can I do now with 3rd party apps I couldn't do on Android? Are there any cool mind mapping ios apps, etc that use/sync/work with evernote?


Q5: this is an iphone and not an Evernote question, sorry, but maybe while you're at it you know this one too: Is there any way to have my agenda for the day listed in the Today menu on the phone? Right now it is the full day hour by hour even with all those blank spaces (I usually only have one or two things listed a day so I have to scroll through all that blank to find the one thing -- on Android I have a widget that shows the agenda for that day on the lock screen...any equivalent on iPhone?)



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q1: This is hard to do because safari on iOS does not allow plugins. There are third-party apps (everclip, for example) that allow you to do this but formatting is not guaranteed (then again neither is it with the web clipper on desktop). 

The best way to get complete text I have found is with Reeder 2>enable readability for the desired article>Send to evernote. 


q2:No experience with pocket informant. 


q3: Fastever or quickever (currently being discussed elsewhere) may be options. I don't often use evernote in this way to I can't offer much, perhaps somoe else might. 


q4: again not  a mind-mapper sort of guy (mostly extended notes and clippings) so no real help here from me.


q5: No. The only things you can do are what is available in Settings>Notification Centre. It will usually tell you what the next event that day is, and display a snippet of a few hours. You can't get it to show your entire agenda. However loading up the calendar app is pretty swift too and can be done from the "Today" screen. 

Not much can be done about adding to the lock screen. 



I think it will take some getting used to switching from the free-wheelin' android OS to iOS (I myself am an extremely happy iOS user). It's always hard getting used to the quirks of a new OS! 

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