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(Archived) Carriage returns mysteriously lost in text note

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I have a text note with a bunch of plain text notes. I've had it in my account for over a year and put a few sentences in it each day. Mysteriously, it reformatted itself sometime between last night and today. Coincidently (?), this happened at the same time as my account was downgraded (that's another question/issue I have, but I'll post separately).

Does anyone know how to recover the original formatting of the note? It would be a huge pain to have to do it by hand as many of the words have been joined together in monumentally long paragraphs.

Thanks in advance,


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I'm getting lost CRs on the iPhone app when synced from my Mac desktop app, but have only been running both apps for a week or so, so it's not the same as seeing them disappear on very old notes.

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The line endings shouldn't have change while you were just typing in the note, but we're looking into some text formatting issues with the clipboard, so I could see how something may have happened with copy and paste if you used that.

Unfortunately, I can't think of any way to get the previous text formatting back, unless you happened to still have this on the service and haven't synchronized yet.

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Hmmm: it's definitely nothing to do with Copy & Paste for me - the lists I'm getting the problems on were typed in freehand on the iPhone version before I ever downloaded the Mac app.

Sometimes they disappear, sometimes they are preserved fine for days.

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