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  1. Hmmm: it's definitely nothing to do with Copy & Paste for me - the lists I'm getting the problems on were typed in freehand on the iPhone version before I ever downloaded the Mac app. Sometimes they disappear, sometimes they are preserved fine for days.
  2. I'm getting lost CRs on the iPhone app when synced from my Mac desktop app, but have only been running both apps for a week or so, so it's not the same as seeing them disappear on very old notes.
  3. Just to add, much easier if you use the standard date format of "20090525" (today's date, for instance) - makes alphanumeric sorting so much easier! Good luck.
  4. I'm totally digital (apart from the odd bit of filing at home and work, obviously, although my personal bank statements are purely electronic now) using a combination of Evernote and Things by Cultured Code. I use both the Mac and iPhone clients of both these apps, and highly recommend them. All my personal finance is handled by Pocket Money on the iPhone, which fits in with the rest of my GTD/personal management system nicely.
  5. I'm only using the Mac and iPhone clients, so cannot comment on the Windows/Windows Mobile ones. I'm liking the interfaces I'm using, though, despite seeing the odd negative comment in the reviews of the iPhone app.
  6. I highly recommend Things by Cultured Code, both for the iPhone and Mac. I use it along with Evernote on iPhone and Mac, and the two work perfectly together. Things is the best GTD application I have seen yet, and Evernote allows me to capture more detail for any given task. HTH.
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