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(Archived) Evernote Suggestion - To Improve Printing


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In the options when printing, Evernote allows users to print the Note Name, Notebook, Date Created, etc. This is fine for short notes ... but some of mine are very long!


In order to improve the printing of long notes, we should be able to add Evernote info as well as system info (page numbers, etc.) into Headers and Footers, the same way we can in Web Browsers, Excel, Word, and many other applications.


Also can someone take a look at the font size issues raised in this topic: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/44325-evernote-5-copy-to-outlook-has-strange-font-sizes/


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We did get some feedback a little while ago that the Windows editor was being looked at - not sure what degree of tyre kicking might be involved with that,  but it's long overdue;  however Evernote have always maintained that 1) they don't want to reinvent any wheels by way of word-processors / spreadsheets etc and 2) Evernote needs to remain simple and focussed rather than bloated (like some well-known software with the initials MS) with extra bells and whistles that may only apply to some users.  


Have you thought of using Evernote directly for short notes,  but moving onto a 'proper' word processor for the longer ones?  You can still attach your file to a note,  and if you're a Premium user MS Office content will still be indexed - if not just copy and paste the plain text content into your note as well as embedding the file.  Opening the WP file from the note in the original software allows you to make changes as necessary - and if you need access on devices that don't support the full-fat software,  you can always just add plain text notes and copy the content into the WP file at your tablet or desktop.

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