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(Archived) Evernote Touch won't sync in Surface RT


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I just got a Microsoft Surface 2 (RT) tablet, and installed the Evernote Touch Windows app. It allows me to sign into my account, but won't sync any of my other notes, (I have 6,000+). I've tried to unistall and re-install, give it time, etc. The sync stays at 0% and doesn't react when I hit the sync button itself. Am I missing something or is something else amiss? I love Evernote and use it for everything from work, school, everything, so I really need this sorted out. Any suggestions would be welcome!!

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Windows RT and EN Touch don't seem to be the best of friends at the moment.  A search around here will find quite a few problems - whether they are user,  device or software problems isn't too clear.  Evernote are looking into these issues so you should get some news 'soon' - but bear in mind we're in the holiday period at year end,  so it might be a while before there's more traction on this..

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Here's one thing that might be an issue for some of you:


For me, it was obvious that when I hit the sync button, nothing was happening-- it would start and stop immediately.


In the main page, there's a button that says Go Premium.  It occurred to me that since I'm a Premium user, I shouldn't be seeing this, no?  So I clicked on it, and received an error saying something like "this application's access was revoked by Evernote Web".  It then gave me the option to enter my password again, and then it started syncing for real, and now it's working again.


So there seems to be a bug, that if you've been signed out somehow in the app, it won't prompt you to sign in again when you hit the sync button.


HTH!  Would love to know if that's the issue for anyone else.

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