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  1. Any update on this? It's a small thing, but it really kills the functionality for me.
  2. Yeah, it's nice looking, but the usability is killing me. I am literally dying as I type this. Old workflow: type e-v-e- until the autofill kicks in, hit tab, enter search terms, hit enter New workflow: go to evernote.com Wait for the page to load click on Sign In Wait for the page to load Click Sign In (and why can't I be signed in for longer than a week, btw?) Click Search enter search terms Alternatively, you can wait 30-60 seconds for the Evernote Windows 8 app to load, hit search, select Evernote, enter search terms Am I the only one having these problems with using the service?
  3. Here's one thing that might be an issue for some of you: For me, it was obvious that when I hit the sync button, nothing was happening-- it would start and stop immediately. In the main page, there's a button that says Go Premium. It occurred to me that since I'm a Premium user, I shouldn't be seeing this, no? So I clicked on it, and received an error saying something like "this application's access was revoked by Evernote Web". It then gave me the option to enter my password again, and then it started syncing for real, and now it's working again. So there seems to be a bug, that if you've been signed out somehow in the app, it won't prompt you to sign in again when you hit the sync button. HTH! Would love to know if that's the issue for anyone else.
  4. Yeah, thinking on it more, I see that while the analog equivalent of Evernote is the filing cabinet, the analog equivalent of OneNote is a sketch pad. Put another way, Evernote was developed for saving content created by others so you can find it again one day, whereas OneNote was purpose-built as a note-taking app. But, as other commenters have said, it sure would be handy to have one app that did both. Smartphones are becoming tablet-tized (and tablet-sized!) so I think it would be good positioning for the future of Evernote.
  5. Hey there, I also really need this feature. My application is simply to be able to take lecture and meeting notes-- I need to be able to write quickly and legibly, so I can't do handwriting for the text. And I need to be able to draw the occasional graph or diagram, inline with the text. I need to be able to do this in real time, so the workarounds of creating a diagram then importing into Evernote don't work for me, and I don't think they're very elegant or workable solutions for anyone. You can mix-and-match text in Skitch, but it's not really good for this sort of thing because the text has a goofy outline stroke + drop shadow that makes it hard to read for large text blocks, plus there's a limit to how much text you can place in a box, and there's no pressure sensitivity for stylus support, and the notes are a fixed size with no mechanism for pagination. You can't do this in Evernote, because while it addresses most of the issues above in Skitch, you either create a text note or an inking note, and that's all you get. Uh, whyyyyyyyyyyy? My ideal feature set would be that you could insert an inking box like a picture into a regular Evernote note, and within that box you could draw diagrams. That would avoid a weakness of other note programs that have mixed text and inking such as S Note, where you're constantly in the wrong mode, and either drawing lines when you want to create a text box, or placing a cursor when you want to draw a line. I feel very strongly that this would be an improvement over the current setup.
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