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I just bought a Doxie Go, and my plan is to import a bunch of OCR'd PDFs into Evernote.  Here is my issue:
When I send PDFs directly from the Doxie app into Evernote, the text is not OCR'd (I can't select the text, search it, etc.).  However, if I save my scans with OCR to my desktop and THEN import the file into Evernote, the PDF is searchable, text is selectable, etc.
So, my question is: can I export scans directly from the Doxie app as OCR'd PDFs?  Or must I continue to first save the files with OCR to my desktop and then drag/drop those files into Evernote?  
FYI:  I am NOT an Evernote premium user.  I was hoping that I'd be able to continue to not pay for Evernote and just use the OCR from Doxie.
Thanks so much!
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Doxie can't scan and OCR at the same time.  You need Adobe or some similar product to carry out that function exactly as you do now.  I don't know whether Doxie can automatically OCR when scanning,  but that's stunningly slow even on my S1500.  I also scan to folder,  retitle and tidy up my files there,  then batch OCR and file everything.

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