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(Archived) search encrypted text in mac os x





It seems strange to me that I can search the encrypted text under Windows once the text is displayed, by using ctrl-F.  But under mac os x, macbook air, that I can use command-F to search un-encrypted text but not the encrypted text; even it's displayed.


Is anyone able to do that?  Any key short-cuts?





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You kinda gave the answer with your question - the problem with encryption is that Evernote can't index content so it can be searched.  I've searched for some encrypted content in my database and can't find it.  When I open the encryption and search again - my screen jumps to other notes with that content and automatically closes the encryption down again.  The encrypted note doesn't come up as a hit the second time around either.  That's how things should work,  otherwise there's less point in any encryption at all.  Your results might be the result of some oddity in the content,  but if you want to search for encrypted content you'll have to put keywords in the unencrypted text to find it.

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