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(Archived) Without sub-notebooks, how do I approach this?



I take a lot of trips. I have one soon to Boston, and another to Atlanta. If Evernote had folders, I'd create a Trips folder and fill it with 2 notebooks, one for each trip. If Evernote had sub-notebooks I'd create a Trip notebook, and have a notebook for each trip inside it.

But Evernote has neither one of these features. So I'm stuck with a Trips notebook, and files (hotel confirmation email, map, restaurants, etc) from both trips dumped inside it. If, for example, I'd like a quick way of looking ONLY at the Boston trip, I don't see a good way to accomplish this. The only 3 options I see are:

1. Forget the Trip notebook and just keep a flat notebook list. So I'd simply have Atlanta and Boston notebooks separate along with my other notebooks (research, recipes, etc.). Sounds messy, and I'd have a very long list.

2. Create a tag called "atlantatrip" and apply it to every file for that trip. But I fail to see going this way a point in creating a notebook specifically for trips. And I'd have to manually delete the tag after the trip is over and deleted.

3. Create a single file called Atlanta, put everything in/on that file, and throw it in the Trip notebook. Doesn't sound fun.

None of these solutions seem that great. They seem kind of messy.

I've read all the sub-notebook threads. It doesn't look like they'll be implemented any time soon, if ever. I've accepted that. So since Evernotes stance seems to be that sub-notebooks/folders aren't needed, I was curious if anyone could show me a work flow that works, perhaps one I haven't thought of; using what Evernote DOES offer. tags and perhaps saved searches?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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I'd probably take Option 1, and play with the names of the notebooks to make all the "Trips" ones appear together.

F/E: Trip2009Boston, Trip2009Atlanta, etc...

Oh man, thank you so much. That helps immensely. I can do that with projects also. Project:one, Project:two...

Makes it a little less messy. Thanks again.

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Another thought

you have a folder "Boston" or "Trips"

on Trip one you tag each entry with a date i.e. 052309, then the next trip you take you take with that date

doesn't separate them out like you would want, but it would be easier to search / filter


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If you have iPhone, you may find new iOS APP GoLater can meet your demand.  It can let you select notes into various trips on your iPhone, while all the notes stay as they are, just needed to be tagged with the special format address.  It will automatically create the map which you can view the note content from it and also get the direction of how to arrive the destination from the place your are.  

You may see the blog to find out the details  http://golater.tumblr.com/post/55575847336/the-ideas-behind-golater

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