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(Archived) Recurring tasks and updated field

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I've read many threads here on how people handle recurring tasks. I have developed a process that works ok for me, except for one problem. When I complete the task, I want to make a copy of it, reset the reminder on one, and move the other to my completed folder. The problem is, neither making the copy or changing the tags modifies the updated field. I want the date I completed the task to show in my completed folder, but I have to click on the i and manually change the updated field. Alternatively, I could click in the note and type something. I can understand why copy doesn't change the date, although it would be nice - then I would just copy it to the completed folder and be done. But it seems like changing tags would be an 'update'


Any suggestions or easier workarounds?



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The fact that modifying a note's tags does not change the note's 'updated' field is by design, I believe.

I usually just timestamp the note contents if I want to remember the completion date, using the Windows Ctrl+; (that's Control key + semicolon) timestamp shortcut.

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doh! thanks. A simple and  better solution that I forgot about. 


Also, thanks for spelling out the timestamp keys. I have always read that to be the Ctrl key and the + key, which obviously doesn't work, so I've used the Shift-Alt-D combo, which is more clunky.


I'm going to go finish some tasks now. 

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