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(Archived) Multiple notes for same URL

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Hi, Kind of new here but have the follow question/suggestion.

I'm finding in some of my web research that I get to the same URL multiple times (from different refers or searches) and sometimes don't realize it and clip the same page a few times.

Is there a way to identify and possibly merge notes clipped with the same source URL?

Ideal for me would be if I clip the URL again, merge the note and add an additional comments, tags etc that I captured but only have one note in evernote. Or create some kind of link between the two so at least I can see if I've got the same source in their twice.

Is this possible now? Any suggestions on how to avoid this via how I've been using evernote? Maybe a feature to add?

Thanks, Matt

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There's no automatic way to do this. You could show the Note List view in your client, and then sort on the "Source URL" column to make all of your duplicate notes sit next to each other in the list, and then scroll through to see the duplicates, but that's about the only way I can think of offhand.

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