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  1. I like the concepts being explored here. I also appreciate the option to see the "in progress" view of the work. I also hope that a more feature rich version will be the end result but think it makes sense to gather feedback and impressions along the way. i could see value is user customization of how information dense the web UI is. This could allow users to adjust the user experience to how they user Evernote. Please keep the visibility and openness as things progress, but maybe some more clarity would be good on where the team is in the development road map and what features are coming next etc. Thanks!
  2. I would also be interested in aditional features for emailing notes to evernote. Tagging or adding to a notebook based on user defined rules etc would be nice. The search approach will help but please keep this in mind for future functionality. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, that got me there. I also noticed (and you probably already know this) but when going to that link in the chrome browser I see the evernote borders but no content. Just thought I'd mention it.
  4. Hi, Kind of new here but have the follow question/suggestion. I'm finding in some of my web research that I get to the same URL multiple times (from different refers or searches) and sometimes don't realize it and clip the same page a few times. Is there a way to identify and possibly merge notes clipped with the same source URL? Ideal for me would be if I clip the URL again, merge the note and add an additional comments, tags etc that I captured but only have one note in evernote. Or create some kind of link between the two so at least I can see if I've got the same source in their twice. Is this possible now? Any suggestions on how to avoid this via how I've been using evernote? Maybe a feature to add? Thanks, Matt
  5. Hi, the link above does not seem to work for me but I'm interested in the info. Can you assist?
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