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(Archived) Subscription and cancellation

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I'm new evernotes and I like what I see so far. For me I would imagine that the first few months of use and database building would require a high amount of bandwidth and therefore need the premium account. However after that time my uploads would drop to easily within the 40Mb limit

so it would make sense to return to the free version until more significant updates are required.

What is the cancellation/suspension policy and how easy is it to implement month-in month-out.

Is this practical even?

Would I lose any data this way - I understand that the premium fuctionality would be lost but would that result in data loss?

It may well be that in future releases more premium functionality is available but currently I only see the extra monthly bandwidth being of use to me for a short period of time several times a year.


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In addition to the above, what would happen if I used evernotes for a say a few years, built up a large database and then decided to leave the product or the product ceased to be available/price hike. How would I get my notes data out of evernotes? Is there a suitable export function? - Now I think about this...it is quite a concern relying on a subscription service for all my work!!! eek!

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You can subscribe to our monthly plan, and then cancel whenever you like from the Settings page. You will remain Premium for the current month that you've paid for, and then automatically revert to Free afterwards.

You can re-subscribe to Premium again in the future if you like.

We have several export options, and are working on more (e.g. HTML export from the Mac), depending on your platform.

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I've just been looking at some posts from back in apr 08 when ver2 changed to ver3 and see some very vocal posts on the export subjet. It seems that you covered that quite well. I understand it a little better now I think. If I have it right, even if something drastic happened with the product in the future, the standalone PC app will still run with the database and access all the information. - please correct me if I'm wrong here.

Anyways I've been looking for something like this for several years (last used personal knowbase) and I got the nod about your product via yahoo answers.

The more I see of it the more robust it looks so most likely I'll opt for a years sub anyway and see how it goes - you guys gotta get paid if we want a good product lol.

One last thing and maybe it should have a separate post (maybe theres something out there already) is regarding encription. I think it's great that partial text items can be encrypted. However I will be scanning personal docs and photos in jpg which will also be sensitive. I tried to select a single jpg in a note and entrypt it but there was no option. How do you suggest I handle sensitive jpg and embedded pdf/scanned images please?

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