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  1. I thought I deleted this question from general. It is "live" in the windows forum. Sorry for the duplication!!!!!!!
  2. Hi, how do I change the account in clipper? I deleted cookies but the account was still coming up. I reinstalled clipper and it allowed me to enter a different account. But Id like to do this on the fly please. I guess I'll need to delete something but I don't know what. Cheers
  3. It's interesting how different people think. The one great thing Evernote does for me is to provide one 'box' for everything. I don't need to think about the correct place to put a note I just dump it in with a few key words and forget it. That's why an acurate search is so important to me. I'm one of those guys who dumps everything on his desk and then struggles to find it afterwards. It's not that I don't like to be organised it's just that I can't remeber all the place that I organise to- lol! I end up losing something because I might file a legal accounting document in the legal folder or in the accounting folder depending how my brain is functioning (or not) at the time! - Not really sure why I needed to share my two penneth lol !!!- I guess it's because that is why I'm so taken with Evernote. It promises to allow me to dump it and forget it until I need it next without any structure. - Totally understand that well-organised folks would like more structure though and I agree that having both would appeal to a more diverse userbase.
  4. I agree. I think Evernote sometimes sees indexable 'stuff' in the spaces of images so it doesn't get that "the" and "dog" are next to each other. Try searching "the dog jumped","dog jumped over" or "jumped over the" etc. I've found that "less is more" when searching for sentences in images.
  5. Is it possible to add say 1Gb within a month by buying an incease in capacity or maybe multiple $5 subscriptions? Thnx.
  6. I've deleted the original in the windows forum and thought better to post this in the general forum because I have the issue with both web and windows versions I think I need to ask a better question - maybe I'm expecting something that hasn't been fully implemented yet. I am using Internet explorer and the clipper app that goes with it. I am expecting to be able to press the "clip to evernote button" or Tools/Add to Evernote menu item and get the complete webpage into a note. However when I do this all the formatting is lost, I sometimes get HTML code and colour maps and also lose some but not all images. 1....should this work properly or is it still in development? 2....If not with IE, does it work properly with another browser? 3....If it does work, what am I doing wrong? The nearest I've come to adding a nearly complete page is to save the page as HTML then add it as an attachemnt to the note. However even then I lose some images. If I add it as content to the note then all formatting goes. I tried with .mht but the note came out worse. I was initially seeing this on Evernote's api html doc but I now see that virtually every web page has this issue. Am I missing something or is this feature not quite there yet? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the explanation. Would I be able to differenciate which note was from the import and which was original? Also with 1000's of notes would I be able to easily delete the duplicates (or maybe filter them out before adding to the db) so that I was only manually dealing with changed notes? It seems that you are not advocating making straight backups of the database then. Is that correct?
  8. Having looked into evernotes and liked what I have seen so far I am thinking along the lines of having a protable EN database on a usb stick and a separate encrypted "pocket" drive for non-synched Data. I would organise media data solely by linking to the files within the notes. The issue I see here though is when I move to a new computer the drive letter may change and thus the links would no longer work. If I used an uncommon drive letter such as Q then I may have less mounting issues however it isn't infallable. I am just wondering how other people have solved this problem?? Thanks
  9. Could you please point me to some info as to how your sychronization works please? Currently I am assuming that the most recent timestamped change is the master and the earlier timestamped items are synced to that. However how does that work with a restore to a backup where the backup is to be used as the master but obviously has earlier timestamps than the server version? I am primarily thinking here of cases when the server version is corrupt or when a change has been made to the synced system which needs to be reversed. Also is there any way of restoring specific notes from the server? Say if a note has been deleted then instead of deleteing the server-side note it can be restored. Thnx
  10. Once an image is OCRed where is the cleartext held? Can it be viewed and possibly edited. If not, how do we know if the OCR has been done?
  11. Thanks. I've just been looking at some posts from back in apr 08 when ver2 changed to ver3 and see some very vocal posts on the export subjet. It seems that you covered that quite well. I understand it a little better now I think. If I have it right, even if something drastic happened with the product in the future, the standalone PC app will still run with the database and access all the information. - please correct me if I'm wrong here. Anyways I've been looking for something like this for several years (last used personal knowbase) and I got the nod about your product via yahoo answers. The more I see of it the more robust it looks so most likely I'll opt for a years sub anyway and see how it goes - you guys gotta get paid if we want a good product lol. One last thing and maybe it should have a separate post (maybe theres something out there already) is regarding encription. I think it's great that partial text items can be encrypted. However I will be scanning personal docs and photos in jpg which will also be sensitive. I tried to select a single jpg in a note and entrypt it but there was no option. How do you suggest I handle sensitive jpg and embedded pdf/scanned images please?
  12. In addition to the above, what would happen if I used evernotes for a say a few years, built up a large database and then decided to leave the product or the product ceased to be available/price hike. How would I get my notes data out of evernotes? Is there a suitable export function? - Now I think about this...it is quite a concern relying on a subscription service for all my work!!! eek!
  13. I'm new evernotes and I like what I see so far. For me I would imagine that the first few months of use and database building would require a high amount of bandwidth and therefore need the premium account. However after that time my uploads would drop to easily within the 40Mb limit so it would make sense to return to the free version until more significant updates are required. What is the cancellation/suspension policy and how easy is it to implement month-in month-out. Is this practical even? Would I lose any data this way - I understand that the premium fuctionality would be lost but would that result in data loss? It may well be that in future releases more premium functionality is available but currently I only see the extra monthly bandwidth being of use to me for a short period of time several times a year. Thanks
  14. Sorry if this is posted twice...the 1st didn't appear to work. How can I search text within a word please? eg machine_maintenance_tc101 I want to be able to retrieve this from maintenance or tc101. So far I have only found it to be available from searching m+a+c+h+ etc/ I have thousands of these so I can't add tags to search on. Thanks
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