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(Archived) And the Winner is?


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Fellow Penultimate users. I've bee so disappointed with the inking capabilities of Penultimate with my new Jot Script that I was seriously considering returning the Jot Script for a refund. So I decided to try other apps.... GoodNotes, ZoomNotes and  I have to say Noteshelf wins hands down for the following reasons:


1. inking is VERY fluid, and very precise.

2. Support of Jot Script calibration

3. Jot Script does not skip and jump like Penultimate.

4. Noteshelf palm rejection is far superior to Penultimate

5. Noteshelf has a built in support to export to any Evernote notebook

6. A nice variety of pens and pencils to choose from

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Hi Gonsalvr,

I tried all of them and the winner definitely is Noteshelf. I really wanted penultimate to work because of its beautiful UI and full integration with EN but finally I'm spent trying. Bought noteshelf, use it with Bamboo stylus and won't even bother with the Script Pen because the palm rejection works perfectly in NS.

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