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  1. Hi Matthehat, Penultimate can't convert handwritten notes to text. But Evernote lets you search your handwritten notes. EN can recognize your handwriting and lists the notes with the words your searched for. At least that is what EN claims. here is the truth: 1) If you are not a premium member it takes as long as a day or two for EN to catalog your handwritten note. but if you upgrade to premium it happens instantly. 2) In my experience handwritten note search works only half of the time(sometimes NEVER). You must have clear, accurate handwriting to get reliable results from that search. Which never happens because penultimate is not a very good tool for writing to begin with. So what you can do is get a note taking app compatible with EN such as Noteshelf and either insert some typed text into the note or tag the note itself to make it possible for EN to find it. When I take a note in Noteshelf I tag the pages I select and send them to EN. This has worked perfectly for me. Until Penultimate makes a real effort to add tagging and text box option to their app this is the only way to go paperless. Unfortunately many people have been asking for these features for a long time but nothing has happened yet. In short get a notes app with text input and/or tagging features and you are good to go. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi Gonsalvr, I tried all of them and the winner definitely is Noteshelf. I really wanted penultimate to work because of its beautiful UI and full integration with EN but finally I'm spent trying. Bought noteshelf, use it with Bamboo stylus and won't even bother with the Script Pen because the palm rejection works perfectly in NS.
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