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  1. Until I started to read the user feed back on Penultimate and Jot Script I did not even know about GoodNotes. I was so frustrated with Penultimate's poor inking display that I was seriously considering returning my Jot Script for a refund. However I tired GoodNotes and its EXCELLENT!!!! GoodNotes inking is sharp, precise and very fast. The speed makes for a very fluid writing experience compared to Penultimate. Also GoodNotes Palm rejection feature is awesome compared to Penultimate. To the Penultimate team.... you guys have lot more work to do with Adonit to improve Penultimate.... its really a embarrassment for the folks at Adonit that Penultimate is such a poorly implemented product. It seems that the collaboration between the two companies was rushed through just to meet the holiday demand. Very disappointing!!!
  2. From Jot Script Tech support Dear Raymond, That's correct, the Jot Script green light goes off to save power. You know it's still connected to Penultimate, by looking in the app and seeing the connection icon and the connection status in the app settings. Adonit Support
  3. Here are my thouhts on the new Evernote for ios 7: Functional Yes….. Beautiful…. NO Its Just plain ugly!!!! How could you guys have gotten it so wrong. There is no elephant logo on the main Screen. Gone are is the nice rich emerald green of the Evernote we love, only to be replaced with a washed out green that looks like an old dollar bill or a concert ticket stub. Please consider giving the app a little color and character!!! Functional Yes…. I love the ability to quickly get to shortcuts and tags. Also the Sort Menu option inside of a particular Notebook is a huge plus. Overall good effort. But the main screen which looks like a 1980’s “DOS based menu program” [google it] needs to be changed.
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