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(Archived) 2 Problems with Evernote Search on current release


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Evernote's main strength has been it's fast and accurate search capability.

I've noticed several search flaws in the latest version. Here are two problems. The first has been reported in this forum many times over the past few months. Ugly, yes. But I can live with it. The second one is more severe and requires a double search to find the Keyword.


Using latest version (269614) Public with Firefox

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I also don't see what you are seeing with the second issue in the latest beta either. i.e. It jumps exactly to where the searched term is


Thanks for looking into it, spg SCOTT. I follow the same upgrade process as luckman212 mentioned. I do not try the Evernote betas anymore. Too risky for my data.


I included both screen captures to show

1.) where Evernote thinks the Keyword is and

2.) where the Keyword really is (found with 2nd search using Ctrl F)


I've seen it happen several times over the past couple weeks since I upgraded. The previous version 4.7, always found the keyword, sometimes with no highlighting, but always found it.

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Well, it appears that it may be fixed in the latest beta/RC so hopefully we should see a public release in the near future.



Yes, I think the incorrect positioning of the yellow highlighter might be resolved.

And since you are not seeing it with your beta, I will assume the second (more serious) search problem will also be corrected.


For safety reasons, I wait 2 months before accepting an Evernote upgrade.

If the release occurs soon, I'll revisit this issue in February 2014.


Search Code 83DK17

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