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(Archived) Authentication From Two Computers



What I would like to do with my account is share it with an associate of mine. In other words, either one of us can log in to access the account.  We want to do this because you can't share stacks and want to assure total access to all our notebooks.  My question is, can both of us use Google Authenticator for security because we want to maintain as much protection as possible.  A likely scenario would be her logging into my account, getting authenticated through Google authenticator, while I am alread on the account from my computer?  Is this possible, and if not, does anyone have any recommendations on how to accomplish this sharing?

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I don't see a reason that that would be a problem per se; I used to be logged in to my account from work and from home at the same time, so Everntoe supports that scenario, with some caveats (you need to be wary of editing the same note at the same time), but I don't know about the Google Authenticator part of it. There are some folks who are pretty knowledgable about security around here; maybe one of them could shed some insight.

On the other hand, letting the lack of ability to share stacks be a reason not to use individual accounts seems a little thin. If you don't have a lot of notebooks to share (and I generally do not recommend having a lot of notebooks), then replicating a stack structure isn't that difficult, if it's even necessary. The individual accounts gives each of you control over what's shared and what's not, as well.

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