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(Archived) Newbie....import/view file



I have imported a file into EN. In the notebook section it shows the name of my file. The actual file document link is in the window on the right. When I click on it it downloads. I'm unable to view it.


What am I doing wrong? I've googled, youtubed and looked on EN's videos and haven't found how to do this successfully.


Thanks much!



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I'm on a Mac 10.6.8 currently using Safari as my browser 5.1.9. I have the app on my iPad mini.

I created a folder, then dragged and dropped the file into the note window. The link is there, but I can't read the document.


My other question and maybe you can help...I thought I posted this in the "General Discussion" board. However, when I go there I don't see it in the list. So...where did I post to so I can refer to it. I only found it again as it is on the right sidebar.


Thanks much-




***Because I'm new I only have 3 more posts after this one.........

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Hi Ginger,

I had no problem finding your topic in the General forum, so i'm not sure why you are having trouble seeing it, hopefully it is just a browser cache issue...


When you say that "the link is there", do you mean that, in the note, there is a coloured link (like on a website) that you are clicking?


What SHOULD happen is when you drag and drop a a file onto a note, it should show up as an attachment, so, either a relatively elongated button/bar-like icon, or it should show up in-line (like if it was a PDF you'd see the contents of the PDF).  


What type of file are you dropping into the note? It is worth noting that you if you drag and drop FOLDERS into notes, Evernote automatically creates a .zip file out of the folder. 

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Ginger, the easiest way to follow a particular topic is to click on the "Follow this topic" button in the top right-hand side of the topic page. Then you'll get notified when someone posts into the topic.

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I'm now on a Mac 10.9, and Safari 7 and nothing has changed as far as this file that I've dragged/dropped.


Ok, I guess I can't insert a picture of what I see. It does look like an internet link. I've attached the screen shot I took. The file is a Evernote file that someone else created.  An enex.xml file. When I click on it I end up downloading it for the millionth time....ya, I know I try it to see if the results change. Why? Oh, because I'm stuck and can't find a youtube or tutorial to help.


Following...I did catch that before I submitted my first post. I just wondered where the heck the post went to. Now I see it in the list within the General Forum.


My other question--how do I change the time zone? Why? It is saying now I only have 3 posts that I can do tonight until 5:25 p.m. I've searched settings and don't see anywhere to do that. I'm in the CST time zone. I'm not sure what time zone EN is in.


FYI....being a newbie this is frustrating to try to figure this out and now only have 2 more posts until 5:25 p.m. tomorrow in someone's time zone that I haven't a clue where it is.


Thanks for your help....




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Ok so that looks perfectly normal.

Can you explain what you are attempting to do? If this is an Evernote .enex file and you want to access the content of the notes within, you must go File>Import and direct Evernote to the file on your hard drive. Dragging and dropping will not work to import the contents of the .enex.

Time zone can be modified by editing your forum profile settings which can be accessed by clicking on your name in the top right and selecting "my settings".

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I tried to import the file instead of drag/drop. The file is grayed out. It won't let me import it. Others have been able to so I know it's possible. Oh, and import isn't an option when I'm on the web version of EN.


Time zone....THANK you as I searched and searched for that. 

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post-130813-0-67146900-1386441293_thumb.Hm, sorry, since the post was tagged "mac" I assumed you were using the Mac client. 


I am not sure why the file is greyed out, for example, see the attached screenshot for how the import screen appears for me. Perhaps someone else who has encountered this issue can chime in with their suggestions. 

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Here's my view....


I'm so bummed. Yes, I'm on a Mac desktop/laptop/ipad mini. Consequently it's gray on everything, everywhere! When I'm within Safari there isn't an import option. I need to be within the actual app to have the choice to import.


Thanks for trying to help! I do appreciate your time and effort!






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Ok, so I see the problem.

Your file is named filename.enex.xml


The portion that comes after the period (.enex.xml) is called a file extension. Evernote wants ONLY .enex and NOT the additional .xml.


try renaming the file so that it is just filename.enex   removing the .xml portion. 


then try importing that. 

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Oy......so I got it imported and it is in a folder entitled "Import". Why didn't go into the Notebook I had opened when I imported it? 


So, now how do I get it from "Import" to the correct Notebook?



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The reason for this is that the user may not know exactly what is being imported, or it may be that the user are importing a pile of notes that they are not sure how they want categorized in advance. Rather than dumping a bunch of notes into a bunch of different notebooks that you then need to sift through and re-categorize, it puts it into a single location so you can categorize as needed. 


You should be able to just drag and drop out of the newly created "Import" notebook into whatever notebook you like. You can select all of the notes in the import notebook simultaneously (select one note and press cmd-a) and drag them, or, in the preview pane (where note contents normally show up) you can select the correct notebook with the "move to notebook..." drop down,

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