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(Archived) REQUEST: Setting to make 'Paste as text' default

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If you love using plain text notes and paste a formatted text, (standard CTRL+V procedure without thinking), it messes it all.


You have undo that and then apply the correct 'Paste as text' command via right click (or CTRL+SHIFT+V)


I know, it's not a big deal to press the second keystroke instead the first one, but most of the times just forget it, or. like me, have that key combination assigned globally to another app (ArsClip in my case), so it will be handy to have a preferences settings that defaults "Paste as text" for CTRL+V or the ability to change the key combination to paste as text.



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Welcome to the forum :)

There is a setting, albeit not necessarily easily accessible that will allow you to swap the behaviours of Ctrl + V and Ctrl + Shift + V.

Buried in the registry is a key:


You can either manually change the value, or (and this is the option I prefer myself ;)) use my app ENRegEd to change it.

Before you do either, you must first completely close Evernote so that it doesn't overwrite your changes when it runs again.

This is done by File -> Exit

More info on Evernote registry keys:





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WOW, fantastic!, works like a charm. This was exactly what I needed.


Sometimes pasting formatted text by mistake even made undo function not working, so I had to fix all manually by erasing all text and formatting.


Thank you so much!

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