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(Archived) Security - here we go again

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First off - Evernote is not mentioned in this breaking news and the age of the passwords is not known.


"Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yahoo! were among a group of high-volume websites that had more than 2 million usernames and passwords stolen and posted online Wednesday."

But considering the amount of sites affected, it serves as a reminder to change your password again.

And don't use the same password for each of your logons.


"...30% to 40% of people use the same passwords on different websites,” security researcher Graham Cluley said in a BBC report. “That’s certainly something people shouldn’t do.”




There is an interesting analysis of the stolen password strengths at this site:



Most common passwords?

123456   (15,820 accts)
123456789   (4,875 accts)
1234   (3,315 accts)
password   (2,212 accts)

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