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(Archived) 'Could not connect to server' - new Windows 8 laptop


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I have just acquired a new, Windows 8, laptop, and downloaded Evernote.

When I click the Evernote icon to get it started I get the following dialog box:


Could not connect to server

You need to be online to register or perform an initial sync.

Please check your internet connection.


My internet connection is fine - and fast.

I have also logged in to Evernote online, with all my files displaying normally.

I don't understand what's going on.


Many thanks


Guy Cruls

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thanks gazumped.

I can confirm that IE goes online fine.

not sure I understood your question - or how this relates to my evernote issue..


Somewhere back in the dim mists of time (ie a year or more ago) there were quite a few 'could not connects' that were related to the IE connection settings - if IE wasn't set up to connect correctly,  then Evernote would not do so - even if the user at the time was happily using Firefox or some such to browse.  No IE,  no Evernote.  Wondered if that was the case here.  Annoying that it's not.  Do you use local proxies / firewalls etc that might not be accepting Evernote traffic as valid?

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