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(Archived) Evernote Enterprise

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This may sound odd coming from someone who hasn't even signed up for a Premium account (I'm waiting till I use up my 40MB :) ), but I'm wondering if even 500MB is enough if I eventually want to put most of my stuff (including work pdf's, images, etc.) on it. I would love to send audio notes and even send video as well. I saw Phil mentioning a possible Evernote Enterprise plan at the GTD conference. I'm wondering about that, but also about simply plans with more bandwidth. I think you have such a large and passionate following at this point, that you could get lost of people signing up for an Evernote Ultra or Evernote Multimedia, etc. plan that provides 5GB upload a month for $15 or $20/month? Maybe you guys are heading in this direction. I understand that creating too many plans can muddy the waters a bit. Simple is good, right? But I think there would be a significant number of power users who would jump at the chance of doing this.

Me and my wife have been using Smugmug for 5 or so years. We signed up for the full Pro account from the start, which was $100/year and now is a lot more, because we thought the full range of capability was worth it for us (she's a professional and I'm an avid "enthusiast"). My point is that there are a lot of people who, after playing with EN for a while, realize more and more that they can do with it, but many of those things require more space. I think I heard on one of the podcasts that you weren't using Amazon's S3 for some technical reasons, but I wonder if this is also making for lower bandwidth limits, or would S3 even matter for bandwidth vs. storage?

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Thanks for the feedback. We're definitely considering rolling out some more business-focused tiers in the future, which may include the ability to manage a group of accounts, etc. This is a bit in the future, but definitely something we're thinking about.


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